TRP Peak Performance Coaching

TRP Peak Performance Coaching

The TRP Peak Performance Coaching program is designed to provide assistance to athletes seeking a little more from their running experience.  As daily runners themselves, TRP coaches know the challenges that runners face.  We train regularly and race frequently.  Our experience brings a level of knowledge that cannot be obtained from the common weekend “become-a-coach” seminars, and our study of the sport spans decades.  We maintain a library of running-related books, we have met and consulted with numerous elite-level olympic and professional athletes and their coaches, and we have taken college-level physiology courses.  But we also believe that the best coach for any individual is not the smartest or the one with the most books; the best coach is the one who cares about your success, who is confident in your abilities, and who is committed to providing you a personal, ongoing training plan and customized advice.  The TRP Peak Performance Coaching program isn’t just a 9-week, 12-week, 18-week pre-written schedule that is sold repeatedly and could be freely obtained online.  Instead, it’s a dynamic plan that is developed and updated on a continuous basis throughout the training cycle, to accommodate your specific progress and life circumstances.

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